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AAA Metal Recycling scrap metal recycling centres are first-class facilities featuring easily accessible metal weighing scales, convenient public drop-off hours, and friendly & knowledgeable staff ready to assist and direct you through our scrap metal purchasing process.

  • Spacious, Modern Facilities

  • Ferrous Metal Recycling

  • Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling

  • On-Site Metal Grading

  • Convenient Locations

  • Onsite Weighbridge

  • Friendly, Helpful Staff

  • Onsite Parking

Each year, the scrap metal recycling industry turns more than 130 million metric tons of waste metal material into reusable, new raw material. These recycling efforts result in the environmental benefit of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and also help to reduce energy expenses associated with producing new raw material, as well as reducing costs of industry and filling landfill sites. These are just some of the reasons that AAA Metal Recycling is so strongly committed to the scrap metal recycling industry.

For years, we have provided trades people and independent collectors of scrap metal with convenient drop-off services at our facilities. We strive to offer convenient, environmentally friendly solutions for unwanted scrap metals for communities. We also specialise in working with businesses in a multitude of different industries, and from small-scale to large-scale operations, to create a complete metal recycling solution for all aspects of their operation.

AAA Metal Recycling transportation team services businesses and professionals in Perth and the surrounding areas, providing dependable trucking and pick-up services for your recyclable metals. We can also perform on-site evaluations of scrap metal materials.

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